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Upcoming: the wonderful pianist Derek Tam and I will be giving a recital on September 16 as part of Walnut Creek’s St. Paul’s Episcopal recital series, with special guest soprano Aléxa Anderson! Nature Sounds explores the off-beat, self-reflective, lovely, and occasionally acerbic world of songs written about animals and nature, and includes Telemann’s Canary Cantata, works by Schubert, and a set of songs by Zachary Wadsworth called The Bad Child’s Book of Beasts. For more information:
Upcoming: I will be a soloist in Cantata Collective’s September 17th show at St. Mary Magdalen in Berkeley, alongside amazing fellow soloists Sherezade Panthaki, Derek Chester, and Max Tipton. We will be presenting BWV 44 and BWV 105. For more information:

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